Professional Arborists are Trained in the Specialised Care of Individual Trees

Trees add a stunning, visual appeal to a property and provide shade in the hot, sunny months. The thing is they need to be maintained, otherwise they’ll become a nuisance rather than an asset. If left with no care and attention, an unruly tree can pose a hazard to your house, your family, people walking past your property and in some cases telephone lines.

What Does a Tree Arborist Do?

A professional arborist is an individual that has been trained in the art of maintaining, planting and caring for a range of trees, shrubs, vines and other plants. Sometimes called a tree surgeon, arborists will have a vast knowledge on the health and safety of individual trees, harvesting wood and managing forested areas.

Arborists offer professional tree services and will use a variety of techniques to ascend trees and manage them. Work can include; tree pruning, removal and lopping, stump grinding, monitoring  the health and safety of trees, planting new trees, adding in structural support to old trees, removing hazardous vegetation, earth moving, land clearing and much more.

Services an Arborist Provides

  •          Tree removal and lopping. Your arborist will remove a tree if it is damaged or sick and poses a potential danger to your property or the surrounding area. Tree lopping is the act of controlling the growth of a tree by ‘lopping’ or cutting back the branches.
  • Stump grinding or stump removal. This is the act of grinding down a stump so it no longer poses a trip hazard or completely removing it to eradicate a place for insects to hide.
  • Pruning and planting. An arborist can provide landscaping services to maintain your trees, plant new trees and prune all greenery in your garden.
  • Emergency tree care. If you have a dangerous or fallen tree, you’ll need the help of professional tree services to secure and clear the area.
  • Providing garden mulch and firewood. Forest mulch is essential towards building a healthy garden and trees. Your local arborists in Brisbane can supply you with top quality garden mulch and provide mulch spreading services if you require.

How to Choose a Skilled Arborist?

Make sure you check out your chosen tree management business credentials. They need to be bonded, licensed and insured, plus be able to show you Certified Arborist credentials. Check out their customer testimonials on their website to ensure they have a great track record of happy customers. Talk with your local arborist in Brisbane about your needs and ask around your neighborhood to ensure they have a great reputation.