Arborist Reports and Assessments by a Qualified and Experienced Tree Professional in Brisbane

Brisbane Arborist Reports

An arborist report is a legal document that is drawn up after an in-depth assessment of a tree. It will highlight any existing issues, areas of concern, damage and any threats from mechanical injury or pest invasion.

It details the findings made by a qualified arborist and any recommendations for future tree care. An arborist report gives you all the information you need to understand the health status of your tree and pass on formal documentation to your council should you plan to remove it.

Why Get an Arborist Report?

Arborist reports are useful for neighbourhood development services and city foresters, helping them determine the health status of local trees and which can be removed without causing concern. They are also helpful to home owners and business owners to assess the health of their trees and pinpoint any areas that need work. Reasons you may need an arborist report include:

  • Tree preservation order. If the local planning authority wishes to have a tree protected, an arborist report shows whether it contributes to the health or wellbeing of local residents.
  • Update insurance policies. The information from an arborist report can be used to assess the risk of trees on the land of a home or business, so insurance policies can be updated.
  • Arboricultural impact report. If you wish to remove a tree, the local council will require an impact report to assess how it will affect local wildlife.
  • Heritage sites. These sites are protected and cannot be changed without the proper paperwork.
  • Development application. If you have a tree that encroaches on a neighbor or a public space, you may need an arborist report to show the local authority you have good reason to remove or change it.

What Does an Arborist Report Contain?

  • Name and details of the arborist
  • Date and time of the inspection
  • Species and type of tree
  • Tree details such as location and dimensions
  • Summary of methods used in the arborist assessment
  • Any health problems found such as disease or pests
  • Information about any potential risks or hazards
  • Written and photographic evidence of the structural integrity of the tree
  • The recommended strategy to improve tree health or remove it

Note: Arborist Reports are not just for your own property. They can be conducted on property you are looking to buy so you can make an informed purchase decision. work out an affordable tree removal rate for you.

Who Carries Out Arborist Reports?

Only a certified level 5 arborist should prepare an arborist report. Craig Bauer is North Brisbane Trees resident arborist and is on Brisbane City Councils list of approved arborists.

How Much Does an Arborist Report Cost?

Pricing starts from $895 inc GST for a basic report for 1 or 2 trees.

Cost is $600 – $800 inc GST for a detailed report that would be submitted to the council or QCAT etc.

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