4 Expert Ways to Storm Proof Your Trees and Reduce the Likelihood of Damage

If you’ve lived in Queensland all your life, you’re probably used to experiencing a few storms and cyclones each year. Because of this you may be well versed in the art of storm-proofing your home, outbuildings and maybe your car. But have you ever thought of storm-proofing your trees?

Trees can cause a significant amount of damage during bad weather if they are unkempt and poorly maintained. Your best bet is to enlist the help of your local arborist in Brisbane to assess your trees and advise on what maintenance they need. If tree maintenance is poorly executed by unprofessionals, you could potentially cause more damage in the long run.

Prune Your Tree Correctly

Strategic tree pruning is a must, to give your tree added strength during a storm. While you might think thicker loads of branches will make your tree stronger, if you prune the correct areas it can actually make your tree more resistant to stormy weather. Pruning will rid the tree of dead or weak branches, give it a more stable base and encourage proper growth structure if done from a young age.

Keep the Root System Protected and Strong

While the root system is meant to be the trees strong anchor, if it’s not cared for correctly it can become weak and loose especially during high winds. Protect the land around the tree base by adding in mulch at regular intervals which will feed nutrients to the root system. Talk to professional tree services in Brisbane for help with mulching.

Add Extra Protection to the Trunks

If you know a storm is about to hit and you have a tree that you’re not confident in its strength, you can wrap the trunk with a protective material. Good options are a row cover or burlap which will protect the trunk from flying debris when the winds pick up. Another option for younger trees is to anchor the trunk with a stake in the ground next to it and tie a rope to connect the two together.

Get Professional Arborists in to Assess Your Trees

Before storm season hits, there’s no better way to ensure the safety of your trees than call in professional arborists. They can use their skilled eye to assess your trees and the likeliness of their security during a storm. If any tree needs to be anchored or secured they can provide this service for you, alongside pruning the tree to its ideal state.

If any of your trees root systems are unhealthy, arborists can provide and spread mulch for you to boost the roots health. Don’t take any chances this storm season, call your local arborists in Brisbane for a free quote on enhancing and securing your trees health.