7 Advantages of Stump Grinding You Probably Didn’t Know About

If you’ve recently had a tree removed from your yard, you’re probably wondering what to do with the unsightly stump left over? While you can just leave a stump in the ground, it may cause issues in the future. Some common problems are fungi, pests, root diseases and suckering (new shoots growing from the stump).

Stump grinding is often used by professional arborists in Brisbane to remove nuisance stumps. A grinder is used to remove the stump, turning the remaining wood into chips. Professional arborists use stump grinding machinery, ensuring the removal process is swift and safe. Here are some benefits of stump grinding.

Environmentally Friendly

Your local expert arborist will use powerful stump grinding machinery to remove your stump. This means the surrounding landscape will be undisturbed and no harsh chemicals are needed. Stump grinding is extremely environmentally friendly, removing your stump without hurting the surrounding wildlife.

Removes an Eyesore from Your Yard

It may seem like a good idea initially to leave a tree stump in your yard. But as it decays, the dirty, rotting wood will not be so great to look at. Having your stump removed, means you don’t have to look at a dying stump in your yard.

It’s an Efficient Process

Trying to get rid of a stump yourself by putting chemicals on it, can take a long time. It may also need frequent attention after that for months to ensure the stump completely disappears. Having your stump ground by a professional arborist will take only a few hours at most.

Removes a Danger for Pets and Children

A tree stump left in a yard can become a trip hazard for small children and pets. Eliminate this hazard so your pets and children can run around safely and freely.

Eliminates a Place for Pests and Disease to Hide

After a tree has fallen down or been cut down, the stump will then die off. This is prime breeding ground for pests and disease to thrive. Critters will also love to burrow and hide inside a rotting stump. Don’t let pests take over – call in your local Brisbane arborists to take control of your stump.

Makes Space for New Greenery

If you have a smaller yard, the last thing you need is a big, ugly stump taking up room. Stump grinding gives you more space to plant a new tree, a plant or a flower patch that you you’ve been thinking about.

Can Re-Use Ground Chips for Mulch

One of the best reasons to have stump grinding is that your old tree stump will be recycled into useful chips. These chips can be used as mulch in other parts of your garden or even as firewood. Call North Brisbane Trees for professional stump grinding services near you.

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