How to Transform a Garden on a Budget?

If you have little cash left after paying the bills, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is making over the garden. And you may think it’s impossible to do much with a garden on a tiny budget? But, with a little planning and creativity, it’s totally possible to rejuvenate your garden space and make it a beautiful, flourishing oasis to be in. Let’s take a look how.

Plan and Research

Like with most projects in life, having a plan gives you more chance of success. Research what type of soil you have and what plants thrive in it. Get this right and you won’t have to waste money replacing dead plants. Find out what care they need and visit multiple local nurseries to compare prices for equipment.

Shop Around for Supplies

Compare prices across a large range of nurseries and supply stores. Even check out reclamation yards for second hand pots, pieces of wood and equipment that will cost a lot less. Sites like Gumtree and EBay have a large range of used garden furniture and equipment for affordable prices.

Recycle Items

Homes produce a lot of waste in the form of plastic. Containers, pots and bottles can be re-used in the garden. Bottles can be made into water sprinklers, planters, hanging herb gardens, vertical vegetable gardens, hanging flower pots and succulent gardens.

Be Smart with Plants

Save cash by growing your plants from seedlings or swap plants with friends. Purchasing bulbs at the right time also helps, with costs being less in the autumn or winter. Reuse food waste from your home to make a compost mix. Materials such as fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, egg shells, dry leaves and chopped wood and bark chips make nutrient rich compost.

Select Native Plants

Check out which native plants thrive in your area. If you choose the right trees, plants and flowers, these will likely last longer than ones not used to the local climate. Local plants will attract native wildlife also, really bringing your garden alive. Some Brisbane plants that grow well are; Forest Daisies, Flax Lillies, Gardenias and Hydrangeas.

Pallet Garden Furniture

Old pallets can sometimes be found for free at supermarkets, hardware stores, newspaper companies and construction sites. They can be made into all manner of useful garden objects including; pallet garden chairs, garden benches, wall planters, a garden cart, a raised garden bed, a swing and planter boxes.

Get Advice from Expert Arborists

Tree Removal 1

Getting advice from expert arborists who know their way round gardens and greenery is invaluable. Knowing how to look after your specific trees, plants and soil will save you money and time in the future. North Brisbane Trees provide professional tree and garden maintenance services around Brisbane.