5 Expert Tips to Make Your Garden Look Bigger

Do you have a garden, but feel like it lacks space? If you’ve always dreamed of having a spacious garden oasis, but are not ready to move house to get it, there are simple tactics you can use to transform what you have. By strategically placing your furniture, adding a few upgrades and positioning plants in a way they draw they eye upwards and outwards, your tiny yard will feel a lot bigger.

Paint in Light Colours

Choosing the right colour scheme for your garden will do wonders for opening it up and making it feel more spacious. Darker tones tend to draw the eye in, giving the feeling of a smaller space. Light colours give a feeling of brightness and openness. If your fencing is looking a bit shabby, rejuvenate it with a fresh coat of paint and opt for cool tones like white or blue. The same goes for the flowers you plant – choose flowers like white Gardenias or light pink Petunias.

Vertical Planting Systems

Less space doesn’t mean you have to have less plants, you just need to make use of the vertical space. Transform a bare wall by making it a feature plant wall or check out your local garden centre for vertical planters that come with an in-built vermicomposting system. This will keep your plants looking lush in all seasons.

Plant Shrubs Along the Fence Line

Fences create an enclosed vibe, making your garden feel even smaller. Planting shrubs along the fence line, tricks the eye into thinking the fence is off in the distance, making your garden feel more spacious. Choose taller shrubs for a bit of privacy like Bamboo or Sky Pencil Hollies or something easy to grow like Lavender and Rosemary.

Keep Your Garden Well Pruned

If your plants, trees and weeds have taken over your garden, it’s likely it will feel cramped and not very welcoming. Old, overgrown trees can become more of a hindrance than anything else, if you don’t look after them. Enlist the help of your local Brisbane arborists who offer expert tree pruning and tree lopping services. Maintaining your trees is more cost-effective than waiting until they need to be removed or treated for rot.

Illuminate Your Garden

Garden lighting adds a little magic to your space, making it a beautiful place to chill at sunset. Alongside this, well-placed Tiki lights or fairy lights draw the eye up, giving the feeling of openness. Another idea is to add lights along a pathway through your garden. You can end the path with a feature like a pond, a bench or a garden statue. Many big retailers do this, taking you on a journey through their store with many points of interest along the way, which makes the space feel bigger than it is.