Well Planned and Implemented Landscaping Will Have Many Benefits for Your Home

The weathers shining, the birds are chirping and you’ve got your friends coming over for a barbeque, but you go out into your garden and you’re hit by a sight of; dead leaves strewn about, a pathetic looking flower bed, brown parched grass, wild overgrown bushes and gnarly looking old trees that may have a massive bug infestation living in them!

It happens – we all have busy lives and garden maintenance may not have been high on your agenda. But if you have that awesome outdoor space and the summer months have rolled around, it could be time to get professional landscape artists in. They’ll be able to tidy things up by; tree pruning, tree lopping, stump grinding, planting new trees and flowerbeds and clearing away any mulch or earth.

Landscaping will Help the Environment

Keeping your trees and plants healthy plus thriving in your garden, will produce great benefits for the environment around you. Grass and trees capture dust and smoke particles, which will remove carbon dioxide and produce more oxygen. A really interesting fact is that one healthy tree will supply enough oxygen for four people in a day!

Grass and Trees Can Cool Temperatures

A tidy grass lawn will be cooler than cement, asphalt or even soil. Having trees planted in the right areas around your home or business, will provide cooling shade and actually help you lower bills as you can use the air-conditioning less. Experts reckon; having the shade of a tree at the right point next to your home, can lower the temperature of your attic by up to 40%!

Having a Landscaped Garden Will Improve Your Mood and Quality of Life

Just being around plants and greenery is known to lower blood pressure. Studies have shown that just walking through a natural environment or living in a neighbourhood with green areas can decrease stress, improve attention and memory and therefore reduce healthcare costs. If you have your own garden, even better – you can get some exercise looking after it yourself or get expert arborists in to help you with the work.

Landscaping Your Garden Will Increase Your Home’s Value

Having a properly maintained outdoor space will not only be great to hang out in, but if you ever decide to sell prospective buyers will be attracted to an impressive outdoor space they can imagine themselves enjoying. It may take some effort at the start if your garden has been neglected, but take the time now to get your garden in top shape and you’ll reap the benefits in the future. Don’t think you have to go it alone, call in professional arborists in Brisbane to plan the best way to get your garden back in shape.