First Impressions Count and Potential New Clients Will Love Walking Through Well-Kept Grounds

If you own and run your own commercial business with land, doing the gardening may be at the bottom of the list of a million things you have to do to keep things running. But as you know, first impressions count and if your business has gardens attached to it or land surrounding it, the gardens will be the first thing clients notice as they walk through them into your office.

If they’re having to step through mud, piles of dead leaves and gnarly trees that look like they should be in a horror movie, I’m sure they’re going to be thinking ‘what’s the office going to look like’ if it’s a mess outside. Alongside this, people can be judgmental, we’re all guilty of it! They may think if your garden is a mess – your business is a mess and this is before you’ve even got to tell them your awesome business proposal!

A Professional Arborist Will Improve the Image of Your Business

Just like going to the salon for a haircut, an expert arborist can makeover your gardens so it gives off the impression of organization, professionalism and someone who cares about every detail. If you’re hoping to the win a contract from a new client, this can be essential to gain their trust. An expert arborist can provide tree pruning services, tree lopping and landscape services at regular intervals so your beautiful manicured gardens will work in your favour.

An Arborist Will Be Insured and Well-Versed in Local Regulations

If you have a small business or are just a budding start up, it may be tempting to just hire anyone or do it yourself. If you have large trees to deal with, there may be certain rules and regulations concerning removing these trees and an arborist will have the knowledge to deal with this and do it safely! If you do it yourself and don’t know local regulations, you could end up getting hit with a fine! A professional arborist will be fully insured also, avoiding possible sticky situations if you get a friend to help and they get injured.

Your Local Arborist Will Have a Keen Eye to Diagnose Tree Health and Be Experienced in Creating Stunning Landscaped Gardens

Spotting potentially dangerous trees, different diseases and pest infestations is essential to keep your trees in tip-top health. If these factors aren’t spotted and dealt with, your trees will start to die off and look haggered – not a great image for the grounds of your business.

Creating landscaped gardens with colourful, flourishing flower beds will give a warm, welcoming image and impress potential clients. You can talk with your local tree services and landscape experts to put a plan together of how you’d like your business gardens to look and get a maintenance plan in place to keep things looking fresh.