The number 1 reason why you should never attempt tree lopping by yourself

Tree lopping may look easy but it’s not “just chopping down a tree”. In fact, most of the time spent on a tree lopping project involves very little actual ‘chopping’ and there’s a lot more time spent on prep work before and after the tree is removed.

So here’s the number 1 reason why you should leave us to do the tree lopping for you: It’s too risky.

Everything is at risk when you’re involved on a tree lopping project of any size.

You’ve got large trees, tall heights and property that belongs to you and others. Oh and of course, human life!

Safety first!

You see, being in the tree services business means you have to focus on safety first and foremost. For yourself, for your team and for property around you. You need to scan the area around you for damage risks, work out what equipment you need for that particular job and how you’ll manage when the tree does come down and needs to be carted away or grinded down in a chipper.

It’s best to leave tree lopping to the professionals who know what’s going on and are very well trained to get the job done. However there’s very few people who can claim to be professional, qualified, fully insured and with the same level of experience as us at North Brisbane Trees.

Professionals like us know how to plan and prepare for the job but importantly, how to react when things don’t go to plan. This is also why we such comprehensive public liability insurance cover. It’s designed to kick in and adequately cover just about any situation should the need arise.

When you work with North Brisbane Trees, you are working with seasoned veterans in the business who take their jobs seriously. We’re expert tree loppers in Brisbane!

Remember, you can always replace a tree, car or fence but you can never be replaced. Please take care around trees and never attempt anything on your own.

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