Interview with Craig Bauer – Brisbane’s #1 tree expert!

When it comes to people in the tree services industry, Craig Bauer has a wealth of knowledge and experience from everything relating to equipment to trees. His undying passion is a driving force behind the success of North Brisbane Trees so we caught up with the man himself to learn more about what makes him the best of the best in the Brisbane tree services world.

What’s the biggest job you’ve had to do in all your time in the industry?

The biggest single tree was a 25 tonne, 35 metre tall Ironbark located in an Anglican School Primary School in Brisbane. This monster of a tree was estimated to be 250 years old and it’s branches were protruding over 3 different buildings within the school. Unfortunately this beautiful tree was beginning to fail and had to be removed. Other tree companies allowed 3 days to complete the work with prices in excess of $10 000 but with the aid of our 22m crane truck we completed the job in only 8 hours for only $6000 – almost half the price of the next cheapest! It was an extremely challenging job but unbelievably rewarding.

What’s the craziest experience you’ve had?

Probably disturbing the worlds largest Paperbark Wasp nest in a giant Spotted Gum located in Samford Valley, Brisbane. I was 20 metres above ground level and had limb walked about 6 metres out on a large branch and was about to set a pulley and lowering rope when I felt a sting on my hand, followed a second later by a sting on my neck and then about 10 more stings. Having been previously acquainted with the vicious Paperbark Wasp, I knew immediately what was happening and started my retreat. I swung from the large limb and my ground crew estimated I descended the 20metres in about 3 seconds flat! My hands, neck and face was badly swollen from the bites ( I looked like the Elephant Man!) but having never in over 8 years not completed a job, I armed myself with 4 cans of wasp spray and climbed back up the tree. Long story short, I was victorious in the battle and the tree was pruned as quoted!

Have you always been fearless and never afraid of heights?

I’ve been climbing trees since I could walk and I’ve never had a problem with heights!

I’m guessing if you have a fear of heights, tree lopping isn’t for you! any tips you can provide to help people get over their fear of heights?

You can always overcome your fears if you get the right mindset!

I remember in 2008 as a trainee Arborist, I was about 35metres up a giant Bunya Pine in Bardon, Brisbane which was to be removed. It was a fairly windy day and at the top of the canopy I was swaying constantly back and forth and while it was a gentle sway, at that height and with my limited experience it was utterly terrifying. All I could think was, “Get Out Of This Tree Immediately!”. I’ve never been a quitter so I tried another technique to calm the nerves – I hung up my chainsaw, gripped onto the trunk, closed my eyes and focused on controlling my breathing. After 3 minutes I started to feel calm, after 4 minutes I started to feel euphoric and opened my eyes. I spent the next 2 minutes in this euphoric, completely relaxed state taking in what must be one of the best views in Brisbane with the beautiful Jacarandas in full bloom. I was then able to carry on and calmly complete the job.

What’s your favourite tree or type of tree?

Too many to name just one; I love Poincianas. Jacarandas, Crepe Myrtles, Spotted Gums, Ghost Gums, Tallowwoods.

So there you have it! Clearly, Craig is an expert in the field and when you work with him and his team at North Brisbane Trees, you work with a knowledgeable, reliable and professional group! Call North Brisbane Trees on (07) 3289 3610.