The Complete Guide for Pruning Tree and Shrub Roots

Roots should only be cut when absolutely necessary. If you plan to dig and transplant a tree, you can encourage the growth of feeder roots with pruning. Other reasons to prune a trees roots are;

  • Your tree is growing dangerously close to your home
  • If the tree is growing too large for the space it’s in
  • A potted shrub has outgrown its tub

It’s essential to understand that it’s possible to severely damage a tree, if the roots are not cut correctly. This could lead on to your tree needing to be removed entirely. So, always consult with your local Brisbane arborist before you decide to prune your trees roots.

When you are transporting a tree or shrub to another location, the root ball will go with it. If established, the roots will be long reaching making it extremely difficult to move. Tree root pruning will reduce transplant shock and give new roots time to grow.

How to Prune a Tree or Shrubs Roots?

Consult your local arborists for expert tree pruning services. Having the right pruning equipment and knowing where to cut, will make a big difference to the success of your pruning.

If you are moving a tree or shrub and plan to prune the roots yourself, you will see the root ball after it’s been dug up. The tree or shrub needs the root ball for nutrients and water. But, root pruning can encourage the development of these roots.

At the drip line of the root ball, you can prune the trees roots by using a sharp spade. If the roots are thick, you may need to use a root saw. As root balls can be quite heavy, you will need another person to assist you. If the tree is very large, call in professional arborists to get the job done.

When Is the Best Time to Root Prune?

The best time to prune your tree or shrubs roots, depends on when you plan on transplanting it. If you plan to transplant the tree in the Spring, it should be pruned in the Autumn. Those destined for transplant in the Autumn should be pruned in the Spring.

The reason for allowing time between root pruning and transplantation, is to let the tree recover. Even though root pruning does not damage the tree, it can be a stressful process. This break gives the tree enough time to recover and start to develop new feeder roots.