5 Common Warning Signs a Tree is Dying

If you love to be in the garden, taking care of your greenery. It can be tough to see a grand old tree taking a turn for the worse. Trees are beautiful, stoic members of the natural habitat, but they can often get sick like us and eventually succumb to old age.

Weather conditions also play a part in the health of trees. Over time, excessive wind and rain can start to loosen roots and even push trees over. It’s important to consult an expert arborist, if you notice signs of poor health in your trees. Here’s what to look out for, so you know when to consult with your local Brisbane tree services.

Signs Your Tree is Dying and Needs an Arborists Attention

The Tree is Leaning

It’s totally natural for a tree to lean slightly in one direction. But, if you notice your tree exceeds the normal 15 degrees, this could mean your tree is experiencing root damage. This could point to an unsafe situation, with your tree threatening to fall. Call your local Brisbane arborists immediately, to inspect a leaning tree.

Branches are Dying

If you notice your trees branches turning a different colour and being unable to hold their shape, this could mean they are dying. While it’s normal to have a few branches die, if excessive amounts start to die, this could mean your whole tree is beginning to die off. Break a tree twig in two, to see the colour inside. If it is green, it’s in good health, if not your tree may require assistance.

Lack of Leaf Growth

During the spring and summer months, your trees should be brimming with crisp, green foliage. If not, this could point to a problem with the health of your tree. Some common causes of leaves not growing are; pests and diseases, sudden changes in temperature/abnormal weather conditions and extreme wet or dry conditions. If your trees habit is pretty sparse, consult your local arborists to make an inspection.

Excessively Overgrown Branches

If a tree is not regularly pruned, it’s branches can get out of control and even start to decay. Tree pruning is essential for the health of your tree. Some common problems coming from overgrown branches are; malnutrition, lack of sunlight, pests being allowed to fester and branches encroaching on a property.

Visible Signs of Disease

Trees are susceptible to disease, just like humans. Some symptoms of tree sickness will be easy to spot, but some may not be so obvious. Common signs of ill health to look out for are; moss and fungus growing on bark, a powdery mildew on leaves, peeling or loose bark, spots or holes on leaves and fluid leaking from the base. Contact your local Brisbane arborists, if you need help spotting signs of ill health on your trees.