Why You Should Leave Tree Removal To The Experts

When it comes to tree removal, one may be tempted to do the job yourself. You’ve given the tree a once over and figure if you hook it up to your mate’s ute and floor the accelerator, you’ll be tree-free in no time.

Sounds easy enough doesn’t it?

The reality is, it’s more dangerous than it looks!

You only need to search for tree removal videos on YouTube to see so many failed attempts at removing trees – some in spectacular style. There’s been cases of trees falling onto cars, houses or worse, on people! This in itself should serve as a deterrent however it appears many people continue to put themselves, their homes and others at risk by trying to do this themselves.

Hire expert Tree Removalists

When you hire a professional tree removalist in Brisbane, you don’t just hire someone to physically do the job. You hire a professional (and their team) with experience in handling the safe removal of trees where there’s minimal risk to life and property.

It starts with a consultation to provide you with expert advice on what the best course of action is – especially on whether you need permission from your local council. The rules may vary so your expert will guide you.

You may have a legitimate need to have a tree removed (for example to make space for expansion of your home) but sometimes a tree may simply be damaged but can be saved, so a complete removal may not be necessary. Whatever the case, your tree removalist is in the best position to advise on what’s right for your situation.

Ultimately, safety comes first and a reliable tree removalist will not put life or property at risk.

Don’t risk tree removal yourself

Remember, no matter how confident you feel, you should never attempt to remove a tree yourself. Consult with a tree expert who knows what’s best and protect yourself, your family and your property. Trees are an important part of life but your life is also important – don’t risk it!

North Brisbane Trees have been in the tree removal business for 25 years and we’ll always give you the best advice along with the best tree removal service in Brisbane!