Regular Tree Pruning is an Investment in Their Health and Longevity

Tree pruning in Brisbane is a regular and essential maintenance procedure if you want your trees to be happy and healthy. While you might think to take on this procedure yourself, be aware that hacking randomly at your trees could actually shorten their life instead of extending it!  Tree trimming of larger trees yourself can also be extremely dangerous.

If you care about your trees, it’s best to get a professional arborist in who has the required experience to prune your trees correctly. Common reasons for tree pruning are; to remove dead branches and leaves, improve the structure of the tree and correct any imbalances,  let more light and air through to the base of the tree below, reducing the “sail effect” that large dense trees have during strong wind events, reduce the hazard of falling branches and to improve the trees aesthetics.

Does Pruning Trees Encourage Growth?

Yes, tree pruning does encourage new growth if it’s done in the correct way. A professional arborist will know how to cut a tree branch to stop growth in one way and encourage it in another way. Improper pruning of your tree, may just kill the branch off altogether or alternatively it could result in epicormic regrowth or “stress growth” which only exacerbates the problem.

How Does Pruning Help Trees?

There are multiple advantages to the health of your tree from pruning. Here are the main ones;

  • Removes dead, damaged and diseased branches. If left to fester, dead and diseased branches can encourage insects and decay organisms to enter into the tree.
  • Increases air circulation and sun exposure. Thinning out a trees dense canopy, will let light and air filter down onto other branches and the base of the tree.
  • Makes the tree safer. If the tree is leaning to one side and has more branches to that side, it’s likely strong winds could possibly push the tree over or weaken its base even more.
  • Encourages a tree to produce more fruit. If your tree is a fruit tree, it’s a good idea to prune it in late winter to encourage more fruit growth in the spring and summer.

What Are the Other Advantages of Pruning?

Getting a professional arborist in Brisbane to prune your trees will have great benefits for you and your home. Regular, skilled pruning by a professional will improve the aesthetics of your trees and enhance the landscape of your garden.

This will increase your property value if you ever decide to sell. Pruning your trees will save you money in the long run, by eliminating the need for old dead trees to have to be removed that have been ignored.

Of course you also have to think of the safety factor for you and your family. Dead and diseased branches could pose a hazard if not removed and may fall without warning during heavy winds. Alongside this, if your tree is near to your property, it could possibly cause damage and block light from getting into your home.