7 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Property for Bushfire Season

Bushland living is idyllic, but it does come with risks. One of these risks is the potential for bushfires during the long, hot and dry summer months.

The main causes of bushfires are a combination of the weather, vegetation and a way for the fire to begin (usually a lightning strike or human influence).

Bushfires are a part of Australia’s environment and while naturally occurring fires can’t be prevented, there are a few simple ways to protect your garden and home, should a bushfire occur in your area.

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1.Replace Missing or Broken Roof Tiles

According to research, 80% of properties lost during bushfires were caused by embers entering gaps from missing or broken roof tiles. If you live in a bushfire prone area, opt for terracotta or concrete roof tiles and check them regularly.

2.Install Fire Resistant Fencing

Properties built in bushfire prone areas need to consider their building materials carefully. Australian Standards has set out specifications that require homes in these areas to acquire a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) classification. This includes fencing, which should be built from non-combustible panels and steel posts.

3.Remove Leaves and Twigs from Gutters

Leaves and twigs left to build up in gutters are a way for fire to spread quickly. Clean gutters and pipes on a regular basis and particularly before bushfire season. Call in local professionals to avoid injury or damage.

4.Consult an Arborist to Inspect Your Trees

Do you have trees close to your home or a building on your property? These need to be trimmed back or removed altogether if thought to be a danger. During a bushfire, embers can fall into a tree canopy and catch fire, which can spread to a building if nearby. Consult a Brisbane arborist for tree removal and tree pruning.

5.Prune Dense Shrubs and Long Grass Regularly

Long grass and overgrown shrubs will spread fire quickly if left unkempt. Regularly mow lawns, trim back hedges and aim to keep the garden sparse. Less clutter means less fuel for a fire during bushfire season.

6.Store Flammable Liquids Away from the Property

Flammable liquids should be stored safely away from your home. These can fuel fires during bushfire, so need to be kept in a safe place.

7.Have an Emergency Plan

One sure thing is that bushfires will happen again in the future. With the dry, hot Australian conditions, a small fire can become terrifying quickly. The best way to ensure your families safety is to have an emergency plan in place. Create a bushfire survival plan and make sure every family member knows about it.