5 Quickest Ways to Remove a Tree Stump

If you recently cut down a tree in your yard, an unsightly stump will be left to contend with. While moving it is no easy task on your own, it is possible with the right tools and guidance.Before you call in your local Brisbane stump grinding experts, this article is going to detail five recommended ways to remove a tree stump fast. To get started, you need to consider how deep the root system is and the size of the tree stump. Once you have this figured out, take a look at the five quickest ways to remove a tree stump.

Manual Removal

This is a physically tough method, but inexpensive way to remove a stump from your yard. With the right tools, it should take around 12 hours to get the project finished. Tools you’ll need to rent or purchase include:

  • Axe
  • Bow saw
  • Mattock
  • Digging bar
  • Safety gloves, glasses and steel toe boots

Once you have gathered all the right equipment, you can started digging around the stump and removing the loosened dirt. The tree roots need to be severed and each taproot chopped and cleared. Once this is done, the stump can be wiggled out of the topsoil.

Burn Method

The burn method is another fast, effective way, to get rid of a tree stump. Sprinkle a tree stump removal product such as Stump Out into the wood to make it porous. Pour kerosene or fuel oil into the holes and allow the trunk to absorb it. Set fire to the tree stump and let it burn.

Rent a Stump Grinder

If you have a large tree stump or multiple tree stumps, it’s cost effective to rent a stump grinder for the job. A local home improvement store should rent out stump grinders from $100 to $200 a time. You will also need a large vehicle to transport it in.

Next, clear any rocks or debris from around your stump. Use a chainsaw to cut away the stump to ground level if possible. Use the stump grinder to grind away the stump to four inches below the ground. Fill in the gap with topsoil or wood chips.

Call in Stump Grinding Professionals

If physical labour, starting fires and renting large pieces of equipment doesn’t appeal to you, call in your local Brisbane stump grinding experts. While you will pay a little extra, the savings you make on stress and effort are well worth it and you’re guaranteed to have the job done perfectly the first time.

Stump Removal Chemicals

Using chemicals is the slowest way to remove a tree stump, but very affordable. Chemicals can be purchased for less than $20, but it may take around a year for them to rot the stump away.