5 Trees that Add Value to Your Property (And 2 that Don’t)

Living in a leafy green neighbourhood is a goal for many. And, for good reason! Trees look beautiful, shade out the heat of the sun, store carbon, recycle oxygen and attract birds and wildlife. Many offer beautiful flowers and a dramatic, colourful canopy that changes with the seasons.

Not only do they look great, but they add value to any property, as long as you choose the right ones. When selecting trees for your property, opt for varieties that fit into your available space. Deciduous trees are a good option for suburban gardens, because they lose their leaves in the cooler months, allowing light to filter through.

Trees that Add Value to Your Property

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Japanese Maples are compact deciduous trees that grow up to five metres. The leaves turn colourful in the autumn and the tree does best in cool to temperate conditions. With over 40 Maples to choose from, this graceful, ornamental tree will surely add value to your property.


Frangipanis are small, pretty, deciduous trees with fragrant pink, white or apricot blooms that come through in the autumn and summer. Reaching 3 – 5 metres high, they grow best in temperate or tropical climates. Frangipanis require little maintenance and give the surrounding area a stunning, tropical vibe.

Crepe Myrtle

Crepe Myrtles offer masses of long, flowering, colourful blooms, in the spring to late summer. Growing up to 5 – 7 metres high, these trees are a vision to behold and will add value to any home.


Magnolias are a species of deciduous tree that are extremely elegant. They flower year round and grow in most areas. When a Magnolia tree is in full bloom, it’s hard to find a more spectacular sight. Magnolias vary in size depending on the species and make stunning ornamental trees.

Ornamental Cherry

Ornamental Cherry trees offer an explosion of beautiful flowers in the spring. Small cherries are produced on certain species, that appeal to and attract a wide variety of birds. They require minimal care, making them an excellent choice for any home garden.

Trees that May Decrease Property Value

Some trees can be seen as a hindrance, rather than something of value. This could be because of the cost of ongoing maintenance or because they pose a hazard. Trees that may decrease your property value in Australia include:

  • Gum trees. This tree is also known as ‘The Widow Maker’ and has resulted in serious injuries from fallen limbs in many, tragic cases.
  • Liquidambars. do not add value to a property, because they are costly to maintain and remove.

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