What are the Processes and Benefits of Mulching?

Mulching is a gardening technique which is beneficial for plants and trees. Mulch is made up from a mix of bark, wood chips, leaves and other organic material. It is spread across soiled areas to help retain moisture, increase the soil microorganisms, regulate the temperature of root zones and to improve the look of an area.

Mulching is eco-friendly and a great way to recycle your garden waste. If you don’t have your own mulch, your local arborist will be able to provide you with mulch derived from their tree pruning and tree removal processes. Their left over organic materials get fed through a chipper which produces the mulch.

Is Mulching a Good Idea?

Mulching has many benefits for your garden and the eco-system. Mulched gardens are happier and healthier.

  • Mulching will help to suppress weeds
  • It will improve moisture retention in the soil
  • Increase the beneficial micro-organisms in the soil
  • Improve root zone temperature
  • When done properly, mulching will allow you to spend less time watering, weeding and fighting pest problems

What is the Process of Mulching?

Once you have sourced your mulch, it must be spread across your soil. It’s recommended to keep your mulch at a depth of around 2-4 inches. Adding too much mulch to your soil can cause a ‘’mulch volcano’’ leading to excessive moisture and possibly the rotting of your plants. This of course can lead to the attraction of rodents, fungi and insects. Call your local arborists who can provide you with expert mulching services.

What Makes the Best Mulch?

Mulch made up of tree bark is one of the most popular types of mulch. It not only looks great, but it will last a long time. Your local arborists will be able to provide you with forest mulch which is another popular option. This mulch is made up of wood chips and leaves that’s fed through the chipper after completing a day’s work.

Aged forest mulch is the best type of forest mulch to choose. This type of mulch has been left to age or ‘’cook’’ for three months at least before it’s used. This process will remove any harmful tannins from the mulch which are harmful to young plants and trees. Aged forest mulch will also not remove valuable nitrogen from your soil, which fresh forest mulch can absorb.

Grinded mulch is another fantastic and very popular option. This type of mulch has had all types of organic material fed through a huge grinder and then its left to age for 6 months! Due to its long production process, this is one of the best mulches you can get for your soil. It’s only downside is that it’s not quite as attractive looking as forest mulch or chipped tree bark.