Here’s What You Need to Consider When Removing a Tree in Your Yard

Having a garden is one of life’s little pleasures, but like with everything it comes with stresses. If you love gardening, you’ll probably be out in the garden a lot looking after your blooming greenery. Tree’s on the other hand are big and quite complex, meaning it’s a good idea to get professional arborists in to advise on the care of your trees.

Pruning your tree in the wrong way can stunt its growth and even kill it off. If a tree has become dangerous causing a hazard to your home, family or neighbours, you need to contact expert tree loppers in Brisbane to come and remove your tree safely. Here are 5 things to consider, before you remove a tree from your property.

Council Regulations

It’s imperative to check with your local council to find out any regulations for removing trees on private property. There usually will be some rules and you may not even be allowed to remove it at all. It’s always best to find out the rules in your local area so you don’t get a fine.

Environmental Consequences

Every action has a consequence and tree removals can impact the environment. Trees provide us with clean air by removing CO2, give us shade in the harsh summer sun and are home to a range of birds, animals and insects. Ask your expert arborist in Brisbane to provide a report of your local eco system and assess whether tree removal is the right option for your tree.

Electrical Hazards

You need to consider whether your tree has any potential electrical hazards nearby that could affect the person removing your tree. Trees in contact with electrical wires or power lines, risk causing an electrical shock or fire.

Property Damage Risk

Tree removal is a high risk activity and should only be undertaken by professional, experienced arborists. There is risk of damage to the person and damage to any surrounding property if not thought out correctly. Your expert arborist will do a risk assessment before undertaking the job, ensuring the tree is removed safely.

Loose or Decaying Branches  

If your tree has loose or decaying wood on its trunk or in the branches, this could pose an extra hazard when having your tree removed. Your professional arborist will do a full assessment of your tree to pinpoint any possible hazards before moving forward.

Expert tree loppers have had many years in the business and have a keen eye to spot any unusual areas on a tree. Trying to cut your tree down yourself or cutting random branches, could end up with you causing more bad than good. For experienced tree services you can rely on, Call North Brisbane Trees today.