It’s Important to Maintain Tree Stumps in Your Yard, But Which Method is Right for You?

You may have had a tree fall in your yard or a tree has been cut and a stump has been left behind. Either way, you’re left with two options to ask your professional arborist to; grind the stump down or totally remove the stump. Removing or grinding your tree stump down is essential to improve the aesthetics of your yard, improve sanitation and eliminate trip hazards.

Stump grinding and stump removal both have their pros and cons and you have to weigh them up to see which is most beneficial for you. If left unattended too long, your tree stump will start to decay attracting pests like termites, beetles and carpenter ants. Contact your local tree lopper in Brisbane today to assist you with your tree stump.

What are the Differences between Stump Removal and Stump Grinding?

Tree stump removal eliminates the whole rootball as well as the stump and is carried out with a large excavator with a small 300mm diameter stump would usually require a 5 tonne excavator, while a large 1000mm diameter stump would usually require a massive 20 tonne excavator!  This will leave quite a large hole, but gives you the option to re-plant another tree if you wish or soil can be brought in to fill the hole.  Stump grinding is the process of grinding down the stump to below ground level.  Most stump grinders will grind to about 100mm below ground level while the North Brisbane Trees 115 horsepower machine is able to grind to 550mm below ground level!  

Stump Grinding


  • Is a faster, easier and more economical process to complete
  • No gaping hole left to deal with
  • Is environmentally friendly
  • The stump grindings can be used for mulching (improving health and fertility of your soil)


  • The roots may re-sprout. This is extremely uncommon and will usually only happen on very large trees such as fig trees that haven’t been grinded to a sufficient depth. Unfortunately this is an only to common practice by many operators in this industry

Stump Removal


  • The stump and entire and rootball will be completely removed leaving no decaying process
  • You can replant another tree straight away or cover the hole over
  • No health hazards from pests or the decaying process


  • Will take longer to remove
  • Is a more difficult and expensive process
  • You will be left with a big hole after removal

How Long Does it Take for a Stump to Rot?

If you decide not to use a professional stump grinding service and have a tree stump left in your yard, it can take anywhere from 3-25 years to totally decompose. It depends on your local environment and the type of tree, with softer woods taking less time and harder woods sometimes taking as twice as long. Ask your local arborist to cut the tree stumps as low as possible, if you want to decrease the time it takes to rot.

Whether you decide on stump grinding or stump removal, make sure you consult professional tree loppers in Brisbane to get their expert advice. Both methods have their pros and cons, but each one will dramatically improve the look and health of your outdoor space.