Know how to Spot a Dangerous Tree, to Avoid Damage to Your Property and Your Family!

Trees are beautiful masterpieces of mother nature and create beautiful visual appeal in your yard. Some species of tree live for 40-50 years but some like the Bristlecone Pine are said to live for up to 5000 years! This of course depends largely on the environment around them and if they get the care and nutrients they need.

If you live in an area that is prone to thunderstorms, tornados, hurricanes or cyclones this can greatly increase the risk of broken, falling branches and even loosening of the tree roots. Also trees with known weaker roots and softer wood are more prone to being a fall risk.

What are the Signs a Tree May Need to be Removed?

There are a few signs to look out for, that may mean your tree is in danger of falling. Your best bet is to consult your local arborist in Brisbane to take a look.

  • The trunk is leaning more than 15 degrees. If your tree is suddenly leaning more than usual after a strong wind event, this could mean the roots have been weakened.
  • A sudden new hole in the trunk. This could have been from a tree branch dropping, which can lead to decay in the tree. In most circumstances it doesn’t cause the tree to fall, but get it checked out if the hole is large and shows signs of decay.
  • Deep cracks or missing bark. Missing, gashed or indented bark is known as a canker. Deep cracks will weaken the tree bark also. Both of these signs can make the tree more likely to break or weaken in that area, possibly causing a fall later on.
  • Rotting roots. While these are hard to see as they’re underground, one telling sign to look out for is mushrooms growing around the base.
  • Dead and falling branches. This could be completely normal if it happens on a windy day, but if it happens on a calm day, it could indicate something’s wrong.
  • Leaves falling from the inside out. This could point to a problem in the root zone, where the tree gets supplied with water and nutrients. If the root system is unhealthy, it could lead to weakening and pose a fall risk.

Consult Professional Tree Services to Examine Your Tree

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, consult an expert arborist in Brisbane to do a check on your tree.  Only a level 5 qualified Consulting Arborist has the qualifications and experience necessary to provide accurate advice on the health of your trees.  A level 5 (or Diploma) qualified Consulting Arborist should also have a minimum of 2M dollar professional indemnity insurance.   After examining your tree, they can let you know if it poses a fall risk and needs removing or if it’s possible to retain the tree and keep it safe.

If it’s possible to save the tree, your arborist can help you with tree maintenance. This could mean securing the tree with wires or improving the health of the root system and entire tree or cutting back any hazardous branches. Always keep an eye on your trees and consult professional tree services if you notice any unusual signs.