What Trees Require Minimal Maintenance?

5 Best Trees to Plant That Require Little to No Maintenance

Planting a new tree in your garden improves property aesthetics and provides a shaded spot. Not only this, a new tree helps to purify the air, lower carbon dioxide emissions and reduce the risk of bushfires.

While there are so many benefits of planting new trees, some people are put off by the required ongoing maintenance that some trees need. City dwellers with small yards might worry about space and the cost can also be off-putting.

If this sounds like you, here are five trees to plant that require little to no maintenance that might suit your garden.


Magnolias are an ideal low maintenance tree for city environments. This is because their root system is low and won’t get in the way of plumbing or wiring. Their foliage is dense and produces stunning pink flowers which make a beautiful shade spot in the summer months. Choose from multiple Magnolia varieties including the ‘Little Gem’ and the ‘Teddy Bear’.


The Frangipani is a great tree to plant in winter, so they can develop through the spring and flourish with sweet-smelling blooms in the summer. They do well in temperate climates and can be grown easily from cuttings. They’re extremely low maintenance and only need a little watering during the hot, summer months.

Lilly Pilly

The Lily Pilly is another low maintenance tree that is hardy and part of the evergreen family. An Australian native, it produces brightly coloured berries and a lush foliage that provides excellent shade during the summer. It grows fast and is resistant to seasonal changes and different soil conditions. The bright pink-violet berries are an attraction for all types of birds and bees and are often used in medicine and indigenous food.

Blueberry Ash

Another Australian native, the Blueberry Ash got its name from the bright blue berries that are produced during the summer months. These attract birds and give your garden an attractive hue. This tree is fast growing in all weather conditions and once it’s established, it needs minimal care. If you don’t have space for a tree, the Blueberry Ash can also be grown in a large sized ornamental pot.

Japanese Maple

The Japanese Maple is a tree well known for its eye-catching autumn foliage. They’re quick growing trees, best grown in the winter. During this period, they need regular watering. In the spring, the foliage will be a light green, that develops into a deep orange and crimson during the summer and autumn months. In terms of care, they’re generally low maintenance and benefit from the soil being kept moist until they’re established.

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