What is an Arborist Report?

An Arborist Report documents the findings from a tree assessment which is conducted by a Certified Arborist (AQF Level 5).

Craig Bauer, the director of North Brisbane Trees is a Cert 5 Qualified Arborist (Dip Arb) and can compile an Arborist Report as and when required.

Arborist Reports are special documents because they hold legal weight and can be used for a range of purposes but is typically carried out before any tree services are carried out; in particular when protected trees and vegetation is involved.

Arborist Report
Arborist Report by North Brisbane Trees

Arborist Reports include the details of the Arborist who compiled the report, the nature of the tree or trees and other details relevant to the situation at hand. As it is a legal document, it can be used in cases where there’s disputes of tree damage.

This is in addition to the other many tree related services that we provide such as tree removals, stump grinding and tree pruning. Being able to do all of these services as well as provide Arborist Reports is why we are always the chosen business to carry out tree lopping and tree related jobs across Brisbane. It is this wealth of experience and expertise that puts us ahead of the rest. You know you’re dealing with a good group of people that care and have the right smarts for any job. We’re not fly by nighters and we’re certainly not hacks! 

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