WATCH THIS: 5 arborists in action at the same time!

A few months ago we experienced a new first for the North Brisbane Trees team.

We were completing a very large land clearing job and for the first time we had FIVE of our experienced Arborists all climbing at the same time!

The job was completed at a suburban house block in Alderley in North Brisbane and the customer required the block to be cleared in only one day for logistical reasons.

Every other tree company he spoke with told him it would be a 3-4 day job as most companies only have 1 climber.

The team at North Brisbane Trees are lucky enough to have FIVE qualified climbing Arborists which allowed us to complete the work within one day which included the removal of 5 very large Hoop Pines and several other large trees.

And we didn’t just finish it within a day – our team had these massive Hoop Pines expertly dismantled by 9am! Well done guys!

It’s clear that we’re light years ahead of the other operators who simply don’t have the team, equipment or experience to simply get the job done. Compare Us and see the difference.