Are your trees ready for Brisbane’s EKKA winds?

Brisbane is renowned for its westerly ‘Ekka’ winds during August, which usually result from a belt of high pressure systems flowing into the region. 

Strong winds can be detrimental to your trees, causing them to sway, pulling and stretching their roots, sometimes entirely uprooting them. Strong winds cause movement which disrupts root-soil contact, decreases water absorption and increases the severity of stress in trees.  Whilst trees provide health, environmental, economic and aesthetic values to our communities, businesses and homes, trees that are not properly maintained, or those that are stressed can quickly become dangerous to people and property during adverse weather conditions. Healthy, well-maintained trees have a better chance of survival. This is why it’s vital to carry out regular tree pruning and tree trimming as part of regular tree maintenance. 

Tree species vary in characteristics that influence their susceptibility to breakage and uprooting, with some tree species more prone to storm and wind damage than others.  Being aware of which trees may succumb to harsh weather conditions will help you decide if you want to replace these potentially dangerous species. Whilst wood is strong and solid, it is not consistently strong at all places in the trunk.  Some conditions such as decay, fungi, or even a hollow may weaken the structure and make it more vulnerable to failure.   So too, wounds from past injuries and incorrect pruning techniques can make a tree more vulnerable when high winds bend its branches or cause the trunk to sway.  Furthermore, trees that have been planted in unsuitable locations will make them more susceptible to breakage and uprooting. 

Engaging the services of a qualified, trained Arborist can assist you with addressing any potential problems.  A qualified Arborist will look for potential hazards and investigate the condition of your trees.  They will know how to look for: cracks in the trunk or major limbs; hollow, aged or decayed trees; hanging branches; improperly formed branches; significantly leaning trees, and branches that may come into contact with the house.

North Brisbane Trees have qualified and experienced Arborists who can assist you with all your tree care needs including watering, fertilizing, and mulching.  We can determine which trees will need certain care at various times of the year, and know how to remedy hazardous tree situations including pruning and/or removing trees.

Call North Brisbane Trees on (07) 3289 3610 for tree pruning Brisbane wide. We’ll make sure your trees are in top shape ready for the Ekka and the winds this season!

We also offer an emergency and storm damaged tree removal service across Brisbane.


Queensland Arboricultural Association