Tree Lopping – a definition

When people need a tree to be removed, they usually search in Google for ‘tree removal’ but they also look for ‘tree lopping‘. They’re not quite the same thing (we’ll explain why) but people often use them interchangeably. So let’s look at the word LOP and see what it means.


Lop is used as both a verb and a noun.

As a verb, lop means: “cut off (a branch, limb, or twig) from the main body of a tree.”

As a noun, lop is used in a sentence like so: “branches and twigs lopped off trees.”

It’s almost entirely used in the context of trees so we can safely associate this word with our tree services. 

Since tree lopping refers to the removal of branches/limbs/twigs from trees, it’s clear that it’s not the same as tree removal.

We should point out that even when a tree needs to be removed, it undergoes tree lopping. This reduces the risk of any damage when the tree falls. It also makes it easier to manage one single trunk instead of having to worry about lots of branches all over the place.


Now when it comes to tree pruning (which is a bit like what lopping refers to), it’s usually when a tree needs to stay put but just needs to be tidied up a little bit. This is carried out as part of our tree maintenance service which can be done as and when required.

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