We are the only tree experts in Brisbane North!

We’re called North Brisbane Trees for lots of good reasons and the #1 reason isn’t JUST because we’re based in Samford, in Brisbane North!

We’re the well known experts because:

  1. we’ve been doing this for over 30 years! it’s taken years of hard work and dedication to get this far and we certainly didn’t pop up overnight like some others!
  2. we’re an actual team of tree professionals! yep, not a one man show with cheap equipment and ‘too good to be true’ prices – we have a group of professional tree experts who deliver quick tree services as cheaply, cleanly and safely as possible.
  3. we’re accountable! we don’t just throw our hands in the air and say ‘bugger’ – we let you know of the risks of any tree services, we let you know of any damage (which almost never happens!) and we have public liability insurance of $10 million. 

So even though we’re based in Brisbane North and we’re called North Brisbane Trees, we look after everyone across Brisbane.

Just give us a call on (07) 3289 3610 and we’ll let you know if and when we can come out to carry out tree removal, stump grinding or some other tree service. In fact, check out our service areas for an indication of where we are able to come out to.

Trust no one else but North Brisbane Trees – the only expert Tree Loppers in Brisbane North!