Time to break out the firewood!

Brisbane is known to get a bit chilly and as it’s now May, temps at night are close to single digits – which is cold by our standards!

If you’ve got a fireplace, then you know the great warmth that a good old fashioned fire can bring. And it’s quite nice to watch while you sit back sipping away at a hot mug of cocoa (or whatever your drink of choice is!). Of course if you’re a keen camper or have a big property to light up a camp fire or bonfire, you’re already a fan!

So where do you get your firewood in Brisbane?

Unless you’ve got lots of trees that need lopping or pruning (call us for that!) or a mate who owns a tree business, you’ll need to seek out firewood for sale. But you can’t just burn any wood you find. Some wood simply doesn’t burn very well or may even be treated with chemicals that could turn nasty if burned. 

Here’s a few reasons to get your firewood from North Brisbane Trees, and only us:

  1. Unlike other suppliers, our firewood is ready to burn the moment we sell it to you. In fact, we only sell firewood that has been split and left to season for a period of 18 months at the minimum! If your supplier doesn’t do this, they’re doing you a disservice.
  2. We only use hardwood varieties such as bluegum, spotted gum, ironbark and others. There is absolutely no softwood (like pine) mixed in here! Again, if your supplier does this, it’s a great disservice to you! Hardwood burns longer and gives off more warmth. Softwood doesn’t even come close.
  3. We offer firewood delivery across Brisbane AND you ca nalso pickup from our depot in Yugar.

We know some of the best things in life are free – but our firewood is the best stuff you’ll find anywhere. 

Call us on (07) 3289 3610 to order your firewood and arrange a time for pick up or delivery. North Brisbane Trees has the best firewood for sale in Brisbane.