The stump grinding experts that Brisbane deserves

You already know that North Brisbane Trees are the affordable tree experts in Brisbane who pull together a team of highly qualified professionals to get the job done right every time. 

But we’re more than just a bunch of ace tree loppers. We’re also stump grinding masters. And here’s why that matters.

 A lot of people will happily chop down your tree and just leave the stump behind. Believe us, it happens! But stumps can be unsightly! They can also present an environmental and health hazard if left untreated (due to rot). Also, they take up space that could otherwise be used for something better.

So what do you do? You talk to North Brisbane Trees. We don’t just remove the tree, we remove the stump too.

Our stump grinding equipment comes in 3 different sizes depending on the job at hand.  Even if you’ve got limited access to your backyard (or into your property), our machines will make it through without any problems. One of our stump grinders weighs a mere 40kg so it can be carried by 1 person!

When we carry out our stump grinding service, the stump is turned into woodchips for mulch (or depending on the size, it can even become firewood) and because we commit ourselves to a quality service, we ensure the area where the stump was, is cleaned up after our work is done.

This is our commitment to you as our valued customer – we take your safety seriously and want to make sure you always get the best service. North Brisbane Trees offers the stump grinding Brisbane deserves. And we’ve got comprehensive public liability insurance for that extra peace of mind.