Tree Lopping, Pruning and Removal Services in Wavel Heights by Expert Arborist


If you are a resident of Wavel Heights or the surrounding area, the team at North Brisbane Trees can help you out with tree pruning, tree removal and stump grinding. If a tree is left in a hazardous position or with disease, it can likely cause even more damage down the line.

A garden surrounding a home can be an asset or it can bring the value of a house down if left unkempt. Keeping your trees looking healthy is essential to make your home stand out. Bad weather, fire or disease are big threats for trees and an arborist should be called if your tree becomes unsafe.

Our Qualified, Skilled Arborists Can Manage Dangerous Trees

North Brisbane Trees have been offering tree maintenance services since 2007. We are well-versed in the safe removal of trees that may be threatening your home, local power lines or public areas.

If the offending tree is able to be saved, we can prune it back to rid you of dangerous branches and overgrown foliage. A tree that is leaning too much or maybe the roots are encroaching under your home for example, can be removed and have the stump ground down.

We also provide complete arborist reports if you require this information.

Stump Grinding Will Eliminate Any Final Traces of the Tree

Only an expert arborist should attempt a full tree removal. This is because safety of your property and any passing public needs to be considered. Once we’ve assessed the dangerous tree, we will use professional equipment to remove tree parts from the top down.

This is the safest possible method, allowing us to keep control of the tree. Each tree part is lowered down carefully and disposed of. We have 20 million dollars’ worth of liability insurance, so you never need to worry about damage.

Stump grinding is the final process in tree removal, freeing your garden of any hazardous stump and making way for new greenery. We use a powerful machine which grinds the stump down, turning it into chips which we can use for garden mulch.

If you have a dangerous tree in your garden and are not sure whether it needs removal or maintaining, contact North Brisbane Trees. We can send an expert arborist over to make an assessment.