Tree Lopping and Removal Services for Pullenvale


Diseased or damaged trees on your property can be a nightmare to remove. But this job should never be undertaken by the non-professional. The process of tree removal can be complicated and dangerous. Even the apparently simple task of lopping heavy branches can cause damage to surrounding homes and property and possible injury to you or your loved ones.

The risks are simply too great to even consider doing the task yourself. Luckily, North Brisbane Trees serves the Pullenvale area. We can remove diseased trees before they have the chance to infect other trees on your property or in your neighbourhood.

Storm-damaged trees are risks in their own right. Cracked, splintering trees are unstable and can be brought down in the slightest wind. They need to be removed as soon as possible before they can cause damage or injury to you, your family or your neighbours. 

North Brisbane Trees is a company of insured, professional arborists who have the expertise and experience to prune your trees back, or remove them entirely. We can also provide complete Arborist reports for third parties.

Stump Grinding Eliminates Unsightly Tree Stumps

Stump grinding is the latest method to completely remove unsightly tree stumps from your property and free up valuable space from your yard or garden.

In the past, the only way to completely remove a tree stump from your property was to either dig it out or remove it by force with a chain and heavy equipment. The choices were either expensive or very dangerous.

Digging the stump out entailed a lot of labour or the use of heavy equipment as well. The process usually damaged a large area of the yard around the stump. It caused a gaping hole in your yard that needed to be filled with soil that needed to be brought in.

Removing the stump by force also invariably caused damage to the yard. The use of chains and heavy equipment to tear the stump out of the ground was dangerous, especially in a small yard where buildings and fences were close to the job.

The modern practice of eco-friendly and efficient stump grinding is much more easy on the homeowner’s yard and budget.

Stump Grinding Uses a Small Portable Tool

In stump grinding, a small machine is brought in that fits in most yards and gardens. The machine can be operated by a single trained professional. Most tree stumps can be ground down within a single day.

The stump grinder reduces a stump to chips that can be used as mulch to protect plant beds and retain moisture, added to a compost pile to be used later, or used as filler to replace the tree stump instead of having to bring in additional soil. It’s a much more elegant and environmentally friendly solution to the disposal of tree stumps.

If you live in the Pullenvale area, please call North Brisbane Trees to learn more about our services or get a free estimate about your particular tree problem.