Tree Removal, Pruning and Lopping Services in Paddington by Experienced Arborists


If a tree in your garden becomes a problem due to storm damage or disease, it will need to be lopped back or removed entirely to prevent potential harm to your family and home. But tackling this chore yourself can be dangerous to you, your family and your property. It’s a job that should never be undertaken by anyone other than experts who have the necessary skill and experience.

Working around trees has a potential for danger that should never be ignored. The act of climbing a tree to perform a job high in the air with sharp tools means that every safety precaution must be taken. Knowing the safety precautions to take and having the right equipment, skills and experience to tackle the job is necessary to safeguard people and property from harm during the job. 

Softwood trees can crack and splinter unexpectedly, posing a danger to people and structures below as well to the person performing the job. Hardwood trees pose a danger because of the weight of the wood. These heavy branches need to be lowered to the ground by a system or ropes and pulleys in most cases to mitigate the damage that can occur if dropped.

We are a Company of fully Insured, Professional Arborists

We have the expertise and experience to safely prune your trees back or remove them completely with no danger to your home and property. Our service is efficient, prompt and can be performed in as little as a day. We also supply full Arborists Reports to plan any work to be carried out.

Completely Eliminate Stumps from Your Garden

We also offer Paddington residents an alternative to the labour-intensive task of digging stumps out the ground. Stump grinding reduces the stump into small chips that can be used as mulch around your garden or added to a compost pile and mixed into your soil.

Before the process of stump grinding was invented, stumps had to be removed by one of two methods.

Either the entire stump was exposed by tedious digging around it, severing of the roots from the stump and hoisting out the stump, or it was removed by force with heavy equipment. Both methods had their dangers and drawbacks.

Stump Grinding Process has Evolved into an Permanent Solution

Often the stump was in an enclosed garden close to other houses, which precluded bringing in any heavy equipment to yank the stump from the ground.

The stump grinder was a revelation in the industry. Now, one person can perform the job of stump grinding with a small machine the size of a riding lawnmower.  

You’re left with a garden that is completely usable once again, without digging holes that then need to be filled up with additional soil. The chips from the stump provide the material that is mixed with the surrounding soil to fill the hole. 

For a free estimate on any of the tree lopping, pruning, removal or stump grinding services provided by the professional arborists at North Brisbane Trees, give us a call today.