Tree Lopping, Pruning and Removal Services in Northgate by Expert Arborists


North Brisbane Trees are your local experts who can help you out with problem trees in Northgate. We can handle tree removal and maintenance including tree pruning, lopping and stump grinding.

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, trees make stunning decoration and convenient shade on hot days. The thing is, trees can become a problem if they’re not looked after. Windy and stormy weather can turn trees into a hazard and pests can kill off your trees.

Even if your trees are healthy, they need to be maintained. Unruly branches and overgrown foliage can get tangled in power lines or block window views from your home. It can be tempting to just cut back branches yourself, but this can often damage future tree growth.

A professional arborist knows how to cut branches to encourage new growth and not kill it off. We have a wealth of training to deal with various types of tree and can maintain your trees in a safe, effective manner.

What Happens When You Call Us For a Tree Removal?

When you call us for help with a tree, our expert arborists will arrive to assess the tree and decide on the best course of action. If the tree is healthy, but it’s been left in a hazardous position due to bad weather, we can often work out a way to preserve the tree by pruning it back.

If the tree just has problem limbs that are getting in the way of something, pruning may be all it needs. It’s advised to get your tree regularly pruned if it sits near to your property, a sidewalk or power lines.

If we decide your tree needs to be removed, we will make an assessment of the local environment. If you are in an area with other homes and pedestrians nearby, we will remove the tree piece by piece, usually starting at the top. This will allow us to keep control of the tree and prevent accidents.

We have been in the tree removal business since 2007 and have all the necessary equipment to do the job efficiently and safely. Our company North Brisbane Trees has 20 million dollars of liability insurance, meaning you never have to stress about damages.

Stump Grinding is the Final Step in Tree Removal

Stump grinding is a process of grinding down the stump, from the top which turns it into small chips. This will totally eradicate the tree, ensuring there is no trip hazard and making room for new plants and trees to grow.

Stump grinding is especially important if the tree was diseased, or the tree roots were threatening a nearby structure like your home. If you have a hazardous tree or a tree that needs pruning, schedule an appointment with North Brisbane Trees to come and make an assessment.