Tree Lopping and Removal Services for Kenmore Residents


Tree lopping and tree removal is a process that is best left to trained professional arborists. North Brisbane Trees handles the toughest lopping, removal and stump grinding jobs to rid your property of problem trees.

Everyone wants to have full, mature trees on their property, but when those trees become damaged due to storms or disease, they can threaten your home, family and property.

But tackling the job yourself can often lead to more damage as the process of tree lopping and removal is unpredictable and dangerous when undertaken by non-professionals. Branches can splinter or drop unexpectedly when severed and not roped off, causing damage to homes and property, or worse, injury to yourself or your loved ones.

We offer a completely insured tree lopping and removal service that will rid your property of unwanted or damaged trees. We also offer a tree pruning service that will take care of damaged branches that are threatening your home and property.

Stump Grinding Removes the Tree Entirely

For Kenmore residents who want to restore their yard to a pristine condition, we offer a stump grinding service as well that can leave your yard without any trace of the former tree.

The two most common ways to remove a tree stump in its entirety involve the use of heavy equipment and damage to your yard or garden. You can dig around the stump to expose the roots and cut them off and then remove the stump in its entirety. This can cause damage to the area around the stump, and leaves you with a large hole that you must then fill with soil that needs to brought in.

The second method involves removing the stump by force. Your crew wraps a chain around the stump and then use heavy equipment to remove the stump from the ground. This method can be dangerous and, as professional arborists, we don’t recommend either of these methods.

Stump Grinding Only Requires a Small Easily Portable Machine

This fits in the smallest of yards and can be operated by a single, trained operator. The stump grinding process reduces the stump into wood chips that can be used for mulch for your flower and plant beds. Your garden will look as spacious as it once did without the need to bring in heavy equipment or soil to fill a needless hole in the ground.   

If you live in the Kenmore area and have a need for professional, insured tree services to rid your property of diseased or damaged trees or problem, low-hanging branches, call North Brisbane Trees today for a free estimate on any of our services.

We’ll take care of your problem trees safely, effectively and with a minimum of inconvenience.