Professional Tree Services for Indooroopilly Residents


Are you a home or land owner in the Indooroopilly area who is faced with the prospect of removing diseased or storm-damaged trees from your property? This is a big job and you should leave it to trained professionals to handle safely and efficiently.

Climbing trees yourself to perform a tree-lopping job can expose you to unforeseen and unexpected dangers. Trees can splinter randomly and only trained professionals can judge how to bring down a tree or large branches safely and effectively without damage to nearby homes and property. 

Whether the job involves a hardwood or softwood tree, they both can present a danger in the process of removal.

Call in the Insured and Professionally Trained Experts

Tree lopping and tree removal needs to be handled safely and effectively. Our arborists have the know-how and the professional equipment to safely remove branches and trees in the tightest of quarters without causing any damage to your own, or your neighbours home and property.   

Everyone wants to have beautiful, mature trees adorning their property. But when they become diseased they become liable to infect other trees of the same species on your property. They must be removed as soon as possible.

Storm-damaged trees present another problem. Damaged trees can become structurally weakened and present a danger any time the wind blows. We can also make full Arborists reports when needed.

Stump Grinding Eliminates the Entire Tree

We can also eliminate any trace of the tree from your property, leaving you room to re-landscape your garden to make it more useful for you and your family.

The traditional methods of removing tree stumps from the ground were either dangerous or expensive and damaging to your garden around the area where the tree stump was located.

It involved digging out around the tree stump, severing the root structure, and then lifting out the tree stump by means of heavy equipment. This would leave you with a gaping hole that you then needed to fill with soil that was brought in.

The removal of the stump by chain and the use of force leaves you with the same problem of damage to the area around the stump, plus it’s a dangerous procedure that we don’t recommend to anyone.  

Stump Grinding is an Efficient and Eco-friendly Process

It reduces the stump into small chips that can be used as mulch around your garden, added to a compost pile, or mixed into your soil. The stump is transformed into the filler that that is used to fill up the space previously occupied by the stump.

Stump grinders are small. They easily fit into the smallest gardens and gardens and usually a single trained arborist can complete the stump grinding process in a single day.

Call us for a free estimate on any of our tree lopping, pruning, removal or stump grinding services. We serve the entire Brisbane area, including the suburb of Indooroopilly, and we are available to perform non-emergency and emergency tree-clearing jobs promptly and effectively.