Tree Removal, Lopping, and Pruning Services in Clayfield by Experienced Arborists


Healthy trees can become damaged by weather or disease to the point that they threaten to become a danger to your family and home. But tackling the removal of these trees is dangerous work that can damage yourself as well as surrounding structures.

It’s a job that must be left to seasoned professionals who have the experience and know-how to accomplish the task safely and without harm to your surrounding structures or gardens.

Softwood and hardwood trees have differing characteristics that must be considered when tree-lopping or removal

Softwood trees can crack and splinter in unexpected ways that pose a danger to anyone and anything in the vicinity of the tree. This cracking and splintering, unless handled correctly, can also destroy the entire tree and cause a much bigger problem of total removal of a tree that could have been saved.

Hardwood trees are heavy. To perform a lopping job high in the air in a hardwood tree poses a threat to people, structures and vehicles on the ground. We use ropes and specialised equipment to ensure the safety of everything on the ground, as well as the safety of the arborist performing the task.

North Brisbane Trees is a company of insured, professional arborists who have the expertise and experience to safely lop back problem branches or remove trees completely from your property. Don’t endanger yourself or your property by getting in over your head. We can supply complete Arbosrist Reports before undertaking any work. Trust the professionals to do the job for you.

Stump Grinding Rids Your Garden of Problem Tree Stumps

We also offer Clayfield residents a stump grinding service that restores your garden completely to its former state. Our stump grinding process is effective at completely removing unsightly stumps from your land.

Before the stump grinding process was invented, stump removal was a dangerous and tedious job to perform for even the seasoned professional. There were two methods complete a stump removal job.

The Stump Grinding Process has Improved to a Safe and Permanent Solution

You could dig out around the entire stump and carefully sever the root structure from the stump. Then the stump could be removed by a hoist. This method was tedious, dangerous and time-consuming.

The other method was to simply rip the stump out by force. This necessitated hiring heavy equipment to do the job effectively and was also dangerous. Because of small gardens and houses that were close together, this was often an unsuitable choice.     

The stump grinding process reduces the stump into small chips that can be used as mulch around your garden or composted for future use in your garden. It’s convenient, quick and an environmentally sound way of disposing of a tree stump. It also makes your tree stumps useful for future plantings and provides you with regained area in your garden again.

For a free estimate on any of our tree lopping, pruning, tree removal or stump grinding services, call the experienced professional arborists at North Brisbane Trees today.