Tree Removal Service for Brookfield Homeowners


When a tree in your garden has become a problem due to storm damage or disease, you need to call in the professionals to have it lopped back or removed entirely. But tackling this chore yourself can be dangerous to you and your property. It’s a job that is best left to the experts who do the job quickly and efficiently with no danger to your home or property.

Problem trees can endanger homes, personal property and worst of all, your family and loved ones. But dealing with them by yourself can just as dangerous. What you need are experts who have the expertise, equipment and experience to rid properties of damaged trees in close quarters.

We are a Company of Insured and Professional Arborists

We have the skill and experience to safely and efficiently remove trees completely from your property. We can also lop back individual tree branches that are threatening to or have in fact become a problem.

We can come out to your home, inspect the trees on your property and give you expert advice on trees that should be removed because of disease or storm damage, and the methods that we would use to accomplish the job.

Stump Grinding Rids Your Garden of the Entire Tree

We also offer Brookfield residents a stump grinding service that restores your garden completely to its former state and frees up the area of your garden the tree stump once occupied so you can plan new uses for it.

Rather than bringing in heavy equipment to a garden that is limited in area, and digging stumps out, which can disrupt the areas around the offending stump, stump grinders are small, easily transported and operated by one person. Depending on the size and type of tree, a stump can be removed in as little one day.

Pulling out a stump by force is another way that homeowners have traditionally removed stumps. This is a dangerous method of working that should be avoided at all costs. Removing stumps by pulling them out can cause irreparable damage to home and property and endangers everyone performing the task.

Stump grinding, on the other hand, reduces the stump into small chips that can be used as mulch around your garden or added to a compost pile and mixed into your soil later on. This is an eco-friendly way to restore your garden or garden to its full useful potential. Within a month, you’ll forget that a problem tree ever existed on your property. Stump grinding is an easy solution to restoring your garden or garden to its former spaciousness.

For a free estimate on any of tree removal, pruning, lopping or stump grinding services, call the insured, professional arborists at North Brisbane Trees today.