Tree Lopping, Pruning and Removal Services in Ascot by Expert Arborists


Contact North Brisbane Trees whenever a tree on your property in Ascot becomes a problem. We handle all tree removal and pruning tasks safely and effectively.

Everyone loves trees. Home buyers pay extra to have healthy, mature and beautiful trees on their property. But sometimes trees become a problem. Whether through natural catastrophes such as fire, storms and weather, or disease outbreaks that can kill healthy trees, your tree may have to be removed because it has become a safety hazard that threatens people and structures.

Healthy trees also can grow in ways that threaten homes and power lines. In this case, removing the tree altogether in not necessary, you only need to remove the limbs that are threatening your safety.

We are a company of qualified arborists that can remove trees safely and effectively without disturbing the structures around it. We also lop off the limbs that are threatening power lines and structures on your property.

How We Go About Our Work

Once you call North Brisbane Trees, we’ll quickly arrive at the best solution for your tree problem. If it’s a healthy tree, but is threatening structures or power lines and you’d like to preserve the tree if at all possible, we’ll recommend ways that that the tree can be pruned.

Often a pruning is all that’s needed to keep problem limbs away from structures and power lines. Depending on the growth rate of the species of tree, this pruning will have to be repeated during the trees lifetime.

A diseased tree is a different matter. You need to a tree removal service performed to prevent other trees in the area from becoming infected as well.

We’ll discuss the best removal technique to ensure the safety of everything and everyone on the property. For trees that occupy densely populated areas of homes and structures, lopping is generally the best choice.

In this task, the tree is removed piece by piece, starting from the top and working our way downwards. The pieces are then lowered to the ground by block and tackle to avoid any contact with surrounding structures.

Felling the tree is obviously the quickest and most dramatic form of tree removal, but we only perform this type of tree removal in open, uninhabited areas.


Stump grinding and removal is a way to restore your yard or garden area to usefulness once more. In this process, we use a machine to grind down on the stump from the top, reducing the stump to small chips that are easily removed.

This process can have your yard looking like the tree never existed and is the perfect solution for small yards and gardens where every inch of space is needed.

If you have a problem tree that needs attention or removal, contact the arborists at North Brisbane Trees and schedule an appointment with us to come take a look at the tree in question. We provide effective and safe solutions to tree pruning and removal.