Queensland Storm Damage Prevention Tips

Storms can strike at any time but for Brisbane in particular, our summers are known for some of the most amazing and sometimes terrifying thunderstorms. With the rain and high winds, comes damage to trees and erosion to soil – which if left uninspected, could potentially result in further disaster.

North Brisbane Trees provides an emergency storm damage and damaged tree removal service and this is often utilised in the aftermath of a storm however taking preventative measures early on in the season will help keep everyone and everything safe.

  1. Have a look around your property. It’s nice and warm and it’s always a great idea to check out what’s going on outside your home. There may be some new growths you weren’t aware of or perhaps that tree you planted a while ago is in need of some attention. You may even find a stray tennis ball!
  2. Pay attention to any trees near power lines – this is a major electrical hazard and can be disastrous if not taken care of.
  3. Check your gutters. If you’ve got many trees near your roof, chances are your gutters have a lot of leaves in them. A clogged gutter can be a major problem due to poor flow of water and premature rusting of gutters. It can damage your home and your landscaping if not cleaned regularly.
  4. Check the soil near big trees. Weakened soil due to persistent rain can cause the foundations to become unstable and trees can fall over and damage property.
  5. Look for any branches that may fall soon. Sometimes branches can be quite resilient and will hold on for weeks on end but if they fall during a storm, this can lead to damage which is easily preventable. Pruning of trees keeps them looking great and removes any potential hazards.

As always, when in doubt, give us a shout. North Brisbane Trees are experts who can help you stay safe this storm season and we’ll have your trees sorted out quickly and safely.