How to pack a storm emergency kit

One of the best ways to weather any storm is to firstly be prepared for the storm. After you’ve followed our 5 ways to be storm ready, you will need to ensure you have a storm emergency kit packed for whenever a storm hits.

So here’s what you need to have in your storm emergency kit for Brisbane’s storms:

  1. portable radio and torches
  2. plenty of batteries for your portable radio and torches
  3. powerbanks to keep those mobile phones charged in the event power goes out
  4. candles and matches (keep them dry!)
  5. plenty of fresh water, snacks, tinned/dried food
  6. all important and necessary medication for you and your family
  7. a complete first aid kit
  8. contact details of family and friends
  9. waterproof bags to carry valuables
  10. change of clothes and good, waterproof footwear

The Brisbane City Council has an Early Warning Alert Service you should sign up to – it’s free and keeps you updated on severe weather conditions you need to be aware of.

Remember, it’s always best to prepare in advance! Always keep trees trimmed, gutters cleaned and your roof in check. Although we know when storms are more likely to hit, bad weather can strike any time and your storm emergency kit will be absolutely essential.

Also, don’t forget the Emergency Storm Damage service offered by North Brisbane Trees. Call us on (07) 3289 3610 for more tips on how to be storm ready in Brisbane.