5 Fastest Growing Shade Trees to Plant in Your Yard

Whether you have a small cosy yard or spacious oasis, every garden can benefit from a decent tree. A beautiful tree not only acts as a focal point, it attracts birds, shades from the suns harsh rays and gives the garden a lush, evergreen appeal.

There’s nothing better than sitting under the shade of a tree you’ve planted yourself, to read a good book and enjoy the outdoors. But some trees take ages to bloom fully. If you haven’t got time to wait, let’s look at five of the fastest growing shade trees to plant today.

Japanese Maple

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The Japanese maple is a stunning shade tree offering glowing red leaves in the autumn. Suited to rich, drained soil and ideally a cooler climate, this tree comes in hundreds of varieties. The Coral Bark Maple is a stunning choice, with upswept branches and a deep red winter bark.

 The Magnolia is a compact tree suited to smaller spaces, growing to around 4m. The leaves are a glossy green, with a brighter bronze reverse and big, white fragrant flowers that make a beautiful appearance in the warmer months. Ideal for use as screening trees, feature trees or as a small shade tree.

Cercis ‘Forest Pansy’

Otherwise known as the Purple Redbud, this beautiful tree offers purple/red leaves in the spring which turn purple/green into the summer. Autumn sees the leaves turn gold which shed, leaving an elegant framework of branches. Pink/purple blossoms further enhance the eye-catching look of this tree making it a firm shade tree favourite.

Tahitian Lime

If you live in a warmer climate, the Tahitian Lime tree is a great choice offering fragrant white blossoms, a stunning 3m high rounded canopy and a crop of tasty limes. This tree prefers a little sun and rich, well-drained soil. While growing, keep it well watered and mulched, plus add fertilizer monthly. If growing in a pot, make sure it’s at least 60cm in diameter.

Dwarf Flowering Gum

The Flowering Gum is a beautiful sight to behold. Masses of large, colourful flowers flourish all over the canopy and the small trunk often shows stunning patterns made from peeling layers of brown/grey bark. Flowers range from pink, red, orange and white depending on the variety. Height ranges from 3 to 6m and birds flock to these trees, attracted by the masses of nectar filled blooms.

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