5 Common Tree Problems and Solutions

Trees are living organisms and can fall ill just like the rest of us. They need to be given regular care to keep them from falling victim to pests, illnesses, over growth and weather damage. Regular tree pruning is advised to keep branches in check and this can be a time when you check for any other signs of ill health.

If you notice any signs of infestation or illness, it’s best to call a certified arborist in Brisbane. A professional arborist can assess your tree and work out a plan of action to bring it back to full health. Here are five common tree problems to look out for;

Soil Compaction

Trees in our back yard often fall victim to compacted soil after we run, walk, mow the lawn etc. This can lead to trees roots getting crushed and having restricted room to grow.

  • Solution; Loosen the soil regularly around the trunk to release stress and promote growth.

Lack of Minerals, Nutrients and Water

Trees in a natural habitat like a forest, get their nutrients from decomposing leaves and natural components that seep into the soil. In our gardens, we often remove branches, twigs and fallen leaves, depriving our trees of valuable nutrients that is normally recycled back into the soil. Grass also often competes with tree roots and grabs water and nutrients away from a tree.

  • Solution; Fertilize your tree at the appropriate time. Add mulch regularly which will add nutrients back to the soil when broken down.

Pests Attacking the Tree

Pests are more likely to attack your trees, if it is suffering in some other way like lacking in nutrients. Other reasons your tree may be targeted are if it’s in a poor environment. Make sure to check your trees over regularly to prevent pest attacks.

  • Solution; Call in your local arborists Brisbane for specific pest advice for your tree.

Root Growth Is Restricted

When you planted your baby tree, it probably seemed miles away from a road or network of pipes. As the tree grows, roots can become expansive and may run into obstacles.

  • Solution; While you can’t move some obstacles, what you can do is to improve soil health. Keep your tree fed and watered, especially during a drought and ask your local arborist about problem roots.

Tree Fungal Infection

Your tree can suffer from internal and external fungal diseases. They can be infected through open wounds and roots or birds/insects carrying spores of fungi onto the tree. You may become aware of an infection after seeing mushrooms growing on the branches or trunk.

  • Solution; You can prune back affected branches and foliage. A fungicidal spray can be added to the area. If other trees are nearby, they should be checked for infection also. If you have to prune back more than 25% of the trees foliage to get rid of an infection, it’s advised to talk with an arborist. Sometimes a deeply infected tree may need to be removed completely, to save other trees in the vicinity.